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How to (legally) make a quarantine party!

You have a birthday (or any special occasion tbh 😅) or really crave a proper party ... But! Your country is completely closed and/or quarantined ... Clubs are shut down, bars are closed and you have nowhere to go?!

Say no more, we got you covered. No matter the occasion, we're determined to help you make the best party ever!

1. What does the government say? Check your country's restrictions on how many people can hang out together. We'd love to help here but our community comes from waaaaaay different countries. The restrictions change daily so make sure you're not breaking any laws.😂 If it's possible to hang out, call them and enjoy the night!

2. ONLINE meetup. Yeah, this is (unfortunately) the new reality. Call your homies and tell them to go online on Friday at 8PM!
Have an agreement on the drinks you are drinking and make a schedule of your evening.

You guys can break the ice with starters, have an 1hour chat on what is going on with your lives, continue your drinking evening with an awesome drinking board game, then let the rest of the night unfold by your drinking adventure. We bet it's going to be amazing!

3. Make a party yourself! Doesn't matter if any of above is not possible to perform. You are your best company, darling! Go fetch a cool movie on Netflix, draw or sing your heart out. We're sure you're going to have a proper party by yourself, too!

Hope we helped. Now cheers, and enjoy your week!

If you have a struggle finding some fun by yourself, here's some help: A Drinkopoly board game is waiting for you in the link HERE.