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Can you drink after vaccine?

Let us help you with a proper answer: Can You Drink Alcohol After (or before) Being Vaccinated? 🤔

This is a question that many people find problematic.

It's not that we are drinking a lot (hahaha 😎), but if you got vaccinated and at the evening you planned to open a bottle of wine or a beer at the end of the day, this makes you a little anxious, right? Should we do it? Can we drink after being COVID vaccinated?

The answer is (even tho we are proud drunks 🥳): RATHER NOT.

Drinking excessively weakens your immune system. No matter what type of vaccine (and for what purpose) you'd be getting, alcohol consumption will blunt your immune system and prevent the vaccine of working properly. Try not drinking at least few days before and after vaccination.

Extras: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classifies excessive drinking as consuming four drinks in one sitting for a woman and five for a man. Heavy drinking is defined as having eight or more drinks in a week for women and 15 for men. A glass of wine or a beer shouldn't do the damage, but easy with the pouring. 😂

Better make your vaccination happen on a Monday or Tuesday, so the bad karma releases out of your body by the end of the week.

By the weekend, you'll be fully ready for a gathering including alcohol ... or Virgin PiƱa Colada, if that's your thing. 😜

Don't worry, you can compensate the lack of drinking later on ... twice as good, with a help of Drinkopoly. 😂