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Geordie Shore SuperStar Playing Drinkopoly

Geordie shore is GOLD. So is our newest #DrinkopolySquad member, Vicky Pattison! 😄

So, how does playing Drinkopoly look like when you're a celebrity? Maybe poshy at the beginning but oh boy, the ending is the same for all of us. On the bathroom floor!

In January, Vicky Pattison ditched #veganuary and #dryJanuary challenge and decided to have some fun with her husband. They played Drinkopoly and we have to confess that the results were CATASTROPHIC.

Ask her yourself! 😂

Drinkopoly VIcky Pattisson

Poor Vicky told us she barely got herself together within 3 days. Maybe next time she'll have more luck with her dice numbers and get more "drink water" tasks.

Oh wait ...
There are none. 😂

So. Get ready for a night like this if you want to buy Drinkopoly. 😂👇🏼