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Yuck, quarantine is boring!

Throwing up some small gathering with friends and have no idea what to do (besides drinking)?

We have some great ideas!

A good drinking game can cheer you up, prevent people from leaving the gathering too soon and most important, it provides hours of fun and laughs! Oh, and the best part of every single one of them: the drunker, the better. 😅


Wanna know your friends’ secrets? A good old Never have I ever game is perfect for this occasion. Share something you’ve never done before and if one of your friends did it already, he has to take a sip. All you need is drinks and creative questions. This game reveals some really interesting facts about your friends.


Drunk Jenga is similar but much funnier than normal Jenga. On each Jenga block, you write funny and crazy challenges. The trick is to pick up one block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and place it on the top of the pile. If the stack falls, you 1. drink and 2. pick up two blocks and complete the challenges, written on blocks.


Drinkopoly is a game containing lots of different crazy challenges. It’s a board game that you absolutely must have near you all the time — you never know when a little extra push will be needed! You throw the dice and move your figure around the board. Besides, with a factory-made board game, like Drinkopoly, you never have to make your own drinking games and thinking about challenges.


For a Flip cup game, you’ll need drinks and cups. Flip cup is a good starter to a proper house party but is less appropriate when drunk. There are two teams competing against each other. Both teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins. The first team to complete this wins. Check this video for more information.

Here, these are our all-time party favorites.
Try them and let us know the feedback!